Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Secret Swap Winter Gift

We are sending secret swap gifts in European Street Team. Judit from Vadjutka had organized the Secret Swap.
My Secret Swap Winter friend sent me a gift and today I recieved my Secret Swap Winter Gift 2010.
The package is so inviting for New Year.
The red bag is awesome.
And here is my gorgeous colourful ring created by queenece - toosis.
Queenece and Toosis are sisters shops. Mine is behind queenece and Pınar is behind toosis.
I wear my beautiful ring with my colourful dress, they are perfect together.
My ring consists of green jade, black onyx and coloured hot pink jade stones. My ring looks like flower blossoms on my shop.
Thank you so much for gorgeous beautiful creation dear Mine and Pınar.


  1. You are very lucky Ayca! I love your surprise gift. You look beautiful, btw:-)

  2. Oh wow what a wonderful gift and it matches the stunning dress to perfection!

  3. thank you dear friends:)
    I am really lucky to have this wonderful gift:)

  4. This ring fits you perfectly! This winter fairy did a great job :D

  5. Hello Ayca, I am very pleased to know you liked your ring. Mine was going to send you one of her hair accessories but you make much more beautifull pieces so we decided to prepare you a ring our style. The pictures you took are so lovely. Thank you dear. Bests,Pinar

  6. thank you so much for your wonderful surprise Pınar and Mine:)
    you are two amazing women:) and I am happy to know both of you,
    I wish everyone a great, happy, healthy, successful new year:)

  7. This ring is really gorgeous -perfect to you!! Have a great week/ Eva