Friday, November 26, 2010

I Win Whphotography Giveaway

Today I find a pretty gift on my post box which came from Canada and it is the art giveaway of dear Nadine by
Walter Helena Photography.
A few weeks ago I found on etsy dear Nadine's shop Whphotography and she offered me to join her WHP giveaway: seven of twelve (olive imaginings)
by completing her story on her blog and my sentence win the giveaway.
“And so she packs her valise. Toothbrush, hairpins, books of assorted colours. She hails a taxi and when dropped at the airport, steps over puddles. Her bag is high above her head, keeping the rain from her shoulders. She stands like this – reaching long and taking nothing, arms shaking ever so slightly – as she contemplates which plane to buy a ticket for. She cannot go where she would like (to him), and so, anywhere with a different tone to the air will do. _________________________.” this was the story part and here is my sentence
"Her feet follow her heart, every step takes her to her ghost lover."
Lucky me it is the first time I win a giveaway.
And here is my art photograph "Hanemuhle printed with faux-polaroid borders".

Walter Helena Photography/ WHP produces high-end, faux-Polaroid, abstract photographs available in limited editions of 25.
So you can see how unique art photographs she create. I am impressed with her giveaway idea and that affected me for joining. You are in the part of her story and that is very imaginative and creative. You can join her giveaways by following her blog,

Look how pretty gift card I recieve and how lovely note she wrote for me:)

Thank you so much Nadine for your beautiful art and for your sincere share. I send you my love.

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